Teach Yourself Design School…

I will probably never be a graphic designer. I might be a little too far along in my main “career” to think about changing but I do love graphic design. On quora, I read a response from a woman named Karen Chang who listed how she became a designer without going to design school HERE. Anyone who is serious should probably read her response. I kept her links to the products…

She had a great list of resources. Although I may not ever be a designer, I really want to explore her list…

Learn to draw even at a basic level
You Can Draw in 30 Days…

Learn the theory behind graphic design (design with grid, topography, color)
Picture This: How Pictures Work
Free online tutorials HERE and HERE (typography)

Learn about user experience with the books:
Don’t Make Me Think
The Design of Everyday Things

Make sure you can write…
Made to Stick
Voice and Tone

Need to learn Illustrator and Photoshop.
A few more resources that look fun and interesting…
The Principle of Beautiful Web Design
Logo Design Love
Design Brand Identity

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