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Selfies…sigh…selfies…Selfies are a fad I didn’t think very highly of initially. The “selfie” was one of those trends I hoped wouldn’t last too long. It did last. I have discovered that many things I am not a big fan of originally often turn out to be just fine. Harry Potter is a perfect example. I was well into college when the first book was released. Although it was a big hit, there was a sort of a distain from college students around me because is was a “young adult” book. You know the people…the ones who still are “too cool” for Harry Potter 🙂 Anyway, life was busy, and I was reading and studying plenty of other subjects. When the fourth book was about to come out I thought, “I know it is un-cool with some people around me but I don’t care. I have time, I might as well read them.” Good fantasy/science fiction is one of my favorite genre. I had graduated from college, gotten married and had a baby by then. I borrowed the first three books and didn’t put them down. I was standing in line when that fourth book came out!! I had Harry Potter parties for the movies and books. I followed (maybe daily). It was a great ride, and I had a glorious time through those Harry Potter years.


I learned (relearned) a valuable lesson…never worry about being “cool.” Selfies fall into this realm for me. I never wanted to take a selfie. I just feel like no one really wants to see just a picture of me (I still totally feel this way), but I didn’t want to judge selfies too harshly. So I decided to take a few and even post them. Seflies of just me! I think selfies with family/friends are okay but not selfies of just me. I can’t honestly say I like selfies yet but I can say I at least tried…


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