Life is Art…my awakening

About four years ago an opportunity was presented to me. The legislature had cut the funding for a specialized, integrated art program. Our elementary school had seen significant improvement and influence under this full-time program and decided to try and save it. The principal asked three “moms” to raise the money and save the program.

Three moms were not enough and this is where I enter. These unbelievably talented women (the principal didn’t pick these three randomly) needed a little more help. It evolved into a core group of about 7-8 “moms” with SO much help from many others. I am one of those “moms.”

We have all brought our sincerest dedication, hardest work, and unique talents. As part of this group, I have spent hours and hours and hours of research on art in eduction. I often fill the role for “publicity” running the website, fb, twitter, designing the fliers and posters, etc. Because of this, I am also responsible for the information published. In many ways, art has become a huge part of my life. It was always part of my life before. My mother is a painter. On that side of the extended family we have one illustrator/painter, a painter/artist, a painter, and a glass and woodworker. I have a work from all of these artists except one in my home. These are just living artists. My grandmother was also an amazing artist with her needlework and crocheting ability and many of my ancestors were the same. On my father’s side we have many photographers and another amazing artist/painter. This doesn’t even touch the musical talent. Almost every person in my extended family plays some musical instrument. My husband has also produced work worthy of hanging on our walls 🙂

My mother’s painting and my Uncle Morris’s carved vase…


It was this research and a desire to reconnect to what I spent so much of my childhood doing that inspired me to start taking photography seriously. In my youth and college days, I had done watercolor but it seemed like photography was the easiest to move into especially since I had never been too proficient with watercolor. I got a nicer camera when my daughter was born because I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I had tried using a point and shoot. I had read about photography and done some creative things even with that little camera (I look back and am sometimes amazed at what I figured out with that thing) but it wasn’t enough. I realize now that I didn’t want to document my life, I wanted to participate in art in a meaningful way…

John’s work hanging in our hall…

My deep love of nature intersected with this “hobby” and I discovered that it is the beauty of nature and life that I want to be part of. Since then I have worked hard to improve both shooting and editing. I am not great yet. I work professionally for realtors. I have had my work used on other websites. I have shot events for the school and designed posters/fliers for the city and school district. I enjoy doing these things but my true desire is just to hike into the mountains with my camera. I am not to the point where my photos expresses all the beauty this world contains but someday…?

I have this dream someday I will be a John Muir/Ansel Adams hybrid…maybe take up watercolors again…
But I also dream that people will see all the art in their own lives and value it. If they sew, if they decorate cakes, fill rooms with plants, collect stamps, landscape their yards, stop to see the veining in a leaf, make a snowman, scrapbook, find the is art in their lives.

My Aunt Mona…

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2 thoughts on “Life is Art…my awakening

  1. Catherine Snow

    I will try and do some piece of art with nature in mind for you. I haven’t taken it back up since my knees were done last year. But I crave a painting spree! I have been on a creative sewing spree for a year. Thanks. Love your photos.
    Aunt Cathy Snow

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